I used to write fashion magazines and newspaper comics on construction paper with a friend to circulate around my neighborhood when I was ten. Over twenty years later, I still write stuff but I’m afraid I peaked young.

Personal Essays & Creative Writing

My main form of writing these days takes the shape of personal essays and creative writing. Most of my work focuses on topics of love, sex, relationships, and ethical non-monogamy.


I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a lovely editor at Insider a while ago and have been publishing the occasional article with them, mostly focused on my experience with polyamory. You can check out my author profile for all those articles, but here’s a direct link to my favorite post so far about my first serious polyamorous breakup.


I use Medium as a place to put all my self-directed writing (AKA writing no one is paying me to do). Head over there to see my latest work, mostly consisting of personal essays and short fiction.

As a timesaver, I recommend Overcoming Internalized Biphobia as a particularly juicy work of nonfiction essay writing. If you’re looking for fiction, Murder at The Gilded Dove is my current favorite––a mystery set in a brothel in the Wild West where a man tries to solve his own murder. There’s also Reflections on One Year at the Free Love Farm which is a bizarre short story about a woman living on a farm cult that I wrote for no reason except fun.

Technical Writing

As a former software engineer with five years of experience, I also write all kinds of technical content, from developers tutorials to techie deep dives. You can check out some of my work on Zapier, Retool (ghostwritten), and Gladly.

Hire Me!

I’m currently accepting new writing clients for any and all forms of writing listed above. Check out my Connect With Me page for more details.