One of my biggest hobbies and dreams is to write for television, specifically animated shows aimed at adults. I have a writing partner, Austin Blaylock, and this is our writing portfolio.

LitterMates – Original Animated Pilot

Two cats have their lives uprooted when their owners decide to move in together. Randall, a wild boy who loves the outdoors almost as much as he loves his pistol, struggles to adapt to his new confined space as an indoor cat. News flash, he decides he won’t adapt and must escape. Giuseppe, a gentle guy who loves to nap and drink tea from a saucer, has to conquer his crippling anxiety to help Randall regain his freedom. Along the way, maybe they’ll become friends. Who knows. Probably not.

TBD — Will host and allow for download soon

Rick & Morty – Spec Script

Rick and Jerry go on an adventure together after Jerry accidentally ingests a potion that makes him just as smart (if not smarter) than Rick. While at first enjoying the newfound friend who can actually spar with him intellectually, Rick soon grows weary of his new friend. They get themselves into quite the pickle (no, this spec does not feature Pickle Rick) that only a true and loyal Morty can get them out of.

TBD — Will host and allow for download soon



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